We have the pleasure to invite you to an event dedicated to SAFE SHIPPING ON THE BALTIC SEA. The Vth Symposium is organised by Polish Maritime Administration together with Polish Register of Shipping and Polish Shipowners' Association. The event will be held in SZCZECIN, Poland on the 18th of April 2013 (Thursday). As in the previous years, the Symposium will provide a discussion forum for Maritime Administrations of the Baltic Region States
as well as Stakeholders representing maritime industry to identify and address problems of Baltic shipping.
The Szczecin 2013 Symposium provides a continuation of the discussion forum for maritime administrations and shipowners to identify
and discuss measures for progressing safe shipping on the Baltic.
Discussion will follow several introductory papers addressing three key issues identified during the Gdańsk 2011 Symposium.

Kindly note that registration of attendance  is obligatory.
For details, please see:
Pośród panelistów (oprócz przedstawicieli PRS SA, i BPO) udział w Sympozjum już potwierdzili:
Pani Carla Montesi      - EC DG Mare Division Director for Baltic, North Sea & Landlocked countries
Pan Francis Zachariae - Danish Maritime Authority, Deputy DG
Pan Alffons Guinier     - ECSA Secretary General
Pan Olof Widen          - Finnish Shipowners' Association, MD
Pan Richard Clayton   - Chief Editor FAIRPLY Magazine
Pani Anneliese Jost    - Niemieckie Ministerstwo Transportu i Budownictwa, Maritime Safety Division